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Eleven years ago we pioneered a fresh choice in church attendance for the people of greater Moncton. At Charity Bible Baptist Church, we are building the church as Christ intended it, unchained by man's religion and rules. We teach people to successfully blend God's values into their personal life.

You can find us in the Lewisville section of the city in the Lions Hall at 156 Pleasant Street, Moncton. Though we do not yet have a traditional church building, we are building people with a delicate balance of godly worship and practical living.

Just seven years ago, God led us to purchase the seven acres in the video below and now we own it debt free! You may have noticed our large sign, just east of Home Depot off of Wheeler Boulevard. Soon it will bear the new graphic depicted in the header above,

What a testimony to the great provision of our great God. When the time is right, we will begin constructing a sanctuary.  Here are some photos of our vision.

Before you give up on church, please give God another try. We want to challenge your mind to discover God's truth for yourself. We are not perfect, but we do have an interest in promoting the God of Heaven - and we do have an interest in you.

Church, the way it ought to be...
Charity Bible Baptist Church of Moncton